Responding to Christian missionaries,
 cults, eastern religions and many other
 challenges to Jewish continuity ... and
 connecting Jews to the spiritual depth,
 wisdom, beauty and truth of Judaism. 
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Jews for Judaism is an international organization dedicated to countering the multi-million dollar efforts of Christian missionary and cult groups that target Jews and other challenges to Jewish continuity. We connect Jews to the spiritual depth and wisdom of Judaism through an array of free educational programs, materials and counseling services. 
 Julius Ciss, Executive Director of JEWS FOR JUDAISM (Canada) presents the very popular Six-Minute Counter-Missionary Crash Course on YouTube. 
This website provides Jews with a clear understanding of, and response to, the many basic issues most commonly raised by missionaries like Jews for Jesus, Chosen People Ministries, Jewish Voice and Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry. It is intimidating to be confronted with a barrage of Biblical quotations from a missionary intent on converting you. It's good to know that Judaism offers answers to all the challenging questions raised by today's evangelical Christian.

Today over 1,000 Christian missionary groups spend $300 million annually, targeting Jews for conversion worldwide. In recent years, they've succeeded in converting over 350,000 Jews.


In a deceptive effort to win Jews, many of these organizations camouflage themselves to appear Jewish in order to lessen resistance by Jews to conversion. They may call their clergy "rabbis" and refer to their churches as "synagogues."

They often celebrate Jewish holidays with a Christian spin, hold Shabbat services and wear  Jewish skullcaps and prayer shawls to create the impression that a Jew can become a Christian and still maintain their Jewish identity.
These missionaries operate widely over the Internet, through television and radio programs, run large public events, send their field workers to distribute missionary literature and visit people at their homes and work places.
But for most Jews, the one asking us to embrace Jesus won't be a missionary, but usually a Christian friend, neighbour, fellow-student or business associate.
May you continue to explore and experience the profound wisdom, beauty and joy of Judaism.
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